I was lucky enough to get dragged uptown on Saturday morning to the grandiose Park Ave Armory  to witness Rioji Ikeda's "Transfinite" installation on it’s last day here in NYC. While the visuals on the front end were immersive and hypnotic, and what I can only assume were “prop” data displays on the back end were fascinating to glance at (with maybe a little dash of a dated late 90’s cyberpunk aesthetic giving a little unintended cheese factor). What really stayed with me was Ikeda’s original music for the show which, besides being isolating, sublime and lonely -  was incredibly listenable, and struck me as almost “funky” in some strange, outside-the-galaxy way. This is probably nothing new to fans of minimal techno, which I am admittedly not amongst, but it was a fun thing to experience.

I did a little digging around and found some a couple more pieces by Ikeda that I’m feeling….

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